The Shraddha murder case in Delhi's Mehrauli is being discussed all over the country. Now new revelations are coming out in this case. Shraddha was murdered by her own lover Aftab Amin Poonawala. After this, her dead body was cut into 35 pieces and thrown in the forest.

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Many investigative agencies are involved in solving the mystery of the death of the victim in this heart-wrenching crime. Now there is a demand for narco test to solve the mystery of this case.

Crime agency CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) uses narco test to extract the truth from its criminals. There is every possibility of revealing the truth of the criminal or suspect through narco test. Through this, a person is given a psychoactive drug called truth drug. In many cases sodium pentothol is injected.

As soon as this drug reaches the blood, the person reaches a state of semi-consciousness. The team questions the man in a semi-conscious state about his patterns.

This test is conducted by a team of forensic experts, investigating officers, doctors and psychologists. During this time the person thinking in the state of lethargy is asked questions and answers about events etc. During this time, the person's ability to reason is very less, in such a situation, the scope of getting the truth out of it increases.

Physical examination of the person is necessary before conducting the narco test. In this, it is checked whether such a person is not suffering from any serious disease. This test is not done in elderly, mentally weak, minor or people suffering from serious diseases.

Depending on the health, age and gender of the person, he is given medicines for the narco test. Many times this test also fails due to drug overdose.

Due to this the person also goes into a state of unconsciousness, due to which he is not in a position to answer. That's why experts take many necessary precautions before doing this test.

Often people are not able to move things around during a trance. In such a situation, the team of forensic and psychologists catches lies.