The petition of the Shinde group and the Thackeray group was heard in the Supreme Court.

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Important Updates in Supreme Court. What exactly was argued in the Supreme Court?

Kapil Sibal asked if you can hold a separate hearing about the power of the Legislative Assembly Speaker like Nabam Rabia.

On this, the judge said that we will hear the issue at the earliest.

The judge said that you should write a 3-page note to refer to the Nabam Rabia case, and that the opposing party should also write a note raising opposing views.

After this, Solicitor General Mehta said, since I am representing the Governor of Maharashtra, I will also submit such a note.

The Chief Justice has given Thackeray group's lawyer Kapil Sibal a deadline to give the note within two weeks.

The court directed that the note should be submitted in electronic form within two weeks and everyone should have the same.