Bigg Boss 15 featured two formidable competitors, Tejasswi and Karan, with Tejasswi ultimately winning the competition and Karan finishing as the second runner-up.

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They were given the adorable nickname TejRan by their admirers, who adored their chemistry and gave them this title. 

Following the show, their followers continue to show them a lot of love even after Bigg Boss.

The couple keeps sharing glimpses of each other on their social media pages and the fans love watching it all.

Rajiv Adatia was a contestant on Bigg Boss 15 with Tejasswi and Karan. 

Rajiv and Karan shared a great bond inside the house and have become really good friends post the show too. They still share glimpses on their social media. 

Rajiv was recently captured when he was asked about when Karan and Tejasswi will get married. To this Rajiv hilariously screamed Karan’s name asking him when he is getting married. 

Then he says to the media that he is not a priest so he does not know when it will happen. But he mentions that he will be very happy whenever that day comes. 

He asks the media to ask Karan the question and know from him directly the truth.