The locals believe that this beach was the site of an ancient Hindu cremation ground. In fact, they say that the black sand of the beach owes its colour to the ash produced from the cremation that got mixed with the sand. Many of the visitors have been missing since they ventured onto the beach. It is strictly forbidden to visit this beach after dark.

Dumas Beach, Surat

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Considered to be one of the haunted places in Ahmedabad, the university employees, students, and even locals believe that the GTU is haunted by the spirit of a woman who constantly makes her presence felt, even during busy campus hours. People travelling in the elevators have reported that they could sense the presence of another person right next to them. 

GTU Campus, Ahmedabad

The place has many broken sculptures and statues, which appear to have been sliced in half, including a statue of Buddha. Post sunset, people have heard sounds of horses galloping in their direction. The locals say that the place was the center of a mass massacre long back, and those massacred villagers are now believed to roam the area at night.

Signature Farm, Ahmedabad

The well-known Avadh Palace is a large mansion and no one is sure who really owns it. It remains unoccupied and locals do not venture anywhere near it for the most brutal and upsetting of reasons. Locals convey that a girl was gang-raped, murdered, and burnt in this building long ago. To this day, her vengeful spirit is believed to haunt this huge mansion and terrorize anyone who dares enter it.

Avadh Palace, Rajkot

The serenity and tourism essence, this place is among the most haunted places in Vadodara Gujarat. Locals often report sighting a girl wearing a traditional Indian salwar-kameez-dupatta, but with a half face! They say she asks people to go back the way they came and warns them against entering the village with girls.

Sindhrot, Vadodara

The fort is built on a plateau, right in the center of the town that attracts a lot of tourists. It is believed Jama Masjid was built on the site of an ancient Hindu temple. Thus the whole area near the Masjid is believed to be haunted. Locals do not visit here after sundown, as many natives have reported mysterious voices and extreme surroundings in the past.

Uparkot Fort, Junagadh