Nadav Lapid sticks by what he said about The Kashmir Files at the IFFI 2022 closing ceremony but now adds that he found it to be ‘brilliant’.

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Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid has now called The Kashmir Files a ‘brilliant movie’ while maintaining that ‘no one can determine what is propaganda’.

He still sticks by what he said about the film at the closing ceremony of International Film Festival of India on Monday, sparking major controversy.

Nadav Lapid, who headed the jury at the government-organised film festival in Goa, said The Kashmir Files was a "propaganda movie" that had no place at a film festival, drawing a wave of criticism from people associated with the film, politicians and general public on social media.

Now, speaking to India today, he said about his comments, “On propaganda: no one can determine what is propaganda, I accept this fact, it’s a brilliant movie. What I have done it’s my duty to say what I see. it’s a very subjective way.” 

He said that the furore over his comments is ‘cheap manipulation in order to incite people.’ He also added that other jury members felt the same way, but didn't speak openly.

Naor Gilon, Israel's ambassador to India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, apologised on Twitter for Nadav's comments. "As a human being I feel ashamed and want to apologise to our hosts for the bad manner in which we repaid them for their generosity and friendship," he said.