Rishi Atul Rajpopat, a PhD scholar at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at St. John's College, Cambridge, has done wonders.

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He has corrected the grammar mistake found in ancient Sanskrit texts written in Panini, years old.

Actually, in Panini's book Ashtadhyayi, there is a rule to make new words from the original words.

But, using this rule, there was often a problem in forming a new word.

There was confusion among many scholars regarding this.

Sage Atul Rajpopat has argued in his dissertation that this metarule of word formation was misunderstood.

By this rule, Panini meant that the reader should choose the rule which would be appropriate to frame a sentence.

Scholars like Jayaditya and Vaman had opposed this rule of Panini to create new words, but this discovery of sage Atul Rajpopat has proved everyone wrong.